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Gear Up for a Propane-Powered Trimmer

Are you looking for an eco-friendly alternative to your gas weedeater? Do you need a proper trimmer that doesn’t require you to go all the way to suffice your trimming needs? Is your weedeater striving to cope with the tough weeds? If yes, then you could not find anything better than a propane-powered trimmer. With no exceptions, it is the most effective option for homeowners since it has the capability to tackle their daily trimming requirements. This Lehr propane-powered trimmer tends to be your go-to alternative for any efficient gas model at an astoundingly convenient price.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Lehr Propane-Powered Trimmer:


  • Privileged enough to receive the Clean Air Excellence Award of EPA in 2009.
  • Unlike the gas trimmer, its carburetor is less likely to gum up. This way, it engenders least engine-related issues.
  • In case of a propane weedeater, there is no fuss regarding using the right gas or oil mix.
  • The term “eco-friendly” didn’t let the manufacturers make any compromise in terms of its price and power.
  • Efficient enough to function approximately 2-3 hours on a tank of propane without any hassle.


  • This trimmer tends to have certain idling issues which may be bothersome to some homeowners.
  • Average homeowner may find it way too heavy (since it weighs about 16lbs when fueled) to be used for longer periods. Even with the shoulder strap, it tends to be heavy.
  • You can run out of propane tanks anytime. You may need to travel some extra miles just to get another propane tank.
  • Propane tanks are comparably difficult to recycle.

Description of the Trimmer:

  • The propane-powered trimmer comes with a cutting swath of 17-inch.
  • The type line feed of this trimmer is bump feed.
  • Despite all the conjecture about being “recyclable,” it would be noteworthy to mention that the propane tanks have a “green key” signal on them which depicts they are recyclable.

The General Review – Lehr Eco-Friendly Weedeater

The Lehr Eco-Friendly Weedeater acts as a moderate substitute for gas. Just like the gas weedeaters, this trimmer contains impeccable power and portability while tending to benefit the atmosphere by being eco-friendly. Its suitable price is a plus-plus. In addition, with this trimmer, “the ethanol problem” won’t hinder your trimming tasks. In case, you encounter any idling problems, take the assistance of a service dealer to make any necessary carburetor adjustments.

Know that by using propane instead of gas; you are playing a significant role in making this environment a little less toxic since propane is a perfect fuel, since it is less likely to bother our environment. It is perfectly secure, a lot less expensive than gas trimmers and less demanding to make use of.

This trimmer is intended to cause you least problems while enabling you to perform all the trimming activities beautifully without any gas mixture hassle. So gear up for some hassle-free trimming sessions!

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