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String Trimmers to Tackle Tough to Mow Spots

Most of the gardeners mow their lawn on a regular basis. It helps you get rid of the weeds and to keep your lawn presentable. Although a string trimmer tends to be the ideal tool for tackling exhausting yard tasks. Mowing the lawn might suffice, but a weed eater significantly adds to the aesthetics of your lawn.

It certainly depends on your personal preference if you trim the yard before or after mowing. In case your prime purpose is to get the clippings absorbed by the mower then do it beforehand. Otherwise, if you want the trimmer to catch blades of grass and other stray weeds which the lawnmower could not reach then certainly mow afterward. With no exceptions, a weed whacker can provide professional and neat finishing look to your lawn. Following are some locations that require the finishing touches of a string trimmer to make your yard look like a dream.

Entrance Stroll

The entrance stroll of your home will definitely catch the attention of your guests every time they visit you. It is highly likely that your driveways have sprouts of weeds which certainly need to get trimmed by using a weed whacker. Likewise, there could also be some grass developed in between the cracks of your driveway which also needs to get eradicated by using a string trimmer. Doing this will give your entrance stroll the much-needed neater look.

Out of doors Furnishings

Reaching the out of doors furnishings with a lawnmower is somewhat difficult. This could also damage the furnishings. Use a good string trimmer to get rid of the blades of the grass from the things which are otherwise difficult (too heavy) to move. However, you must refrain taking the trimmer near the objects fabricated from ceramics since there is a great probability of them chipping in case the system gets to shut. Maintain a suitable distance (a foot away) and then move nearer to the object until you are completely satisfied with the look.

Fence Line

String trimmers are ideal to eradicate the growth of weeds and tall grass near the fence line. A neater fence line will give an overall neater look to a yard. You can also use a weed whacker on the chain hyperlink to achieve the desired look.

Automobile Parking on Garden Spots

We see that some homeowners tend to park their vehicles in their lawns because of numerous reasons. Either it could be for visitors or for extra parking for any other reason.

What happens is that that grass and weeds tend to grow around the vehicles in those garden spots. However, your string trimmer can come to your aid by easily clearing these to make your lawn look attractive. Even if you remove the vehicle from your garden, a string trimmer can help you even out the grass patches which appear because of that vehicle.

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Gear Up for a Propane-Powered Trimmer

Are you looking for an eco-friendly alternative to your gas weedeater? Do you need a proper trimmer that doesn’t require you to go all the way to suffice your trimming needs? Is your weedeater striving to cope with the tough weeds? If yes, then you could not find anything better than a propane-powered trimmer. With no exceptions, it is the most effective option for homeowners since it has the capability to tackle their daily trimming requirements. This Lehr propane-powered trimmer tends to be your go-to alternative for any efficient gas model at an astoundingly convenient price.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Lehr Propane-Powered Trimmer:


  • Privileged enough to receive the Clean Air Excellence Award of EPA in 2009.
  • Unlike the gas trimmer, its carburetor is less likely to gum up. This way, it engenders least engine-related issues.
  • In case of a propane weedeater, there is no fuss regarding using the right gas or oil mix.
  • The term “eco-friendly” didn’t let the manufacturers make any compromise in terms of its price and power.
  • Efficient enough to function approximately 2-3 hours on a tank of propane without any hassle.


  • This trimmer tends to have certain idling issues which may be bothersome to some homeowners.
  • Average homeowner may find it way too heavy (since it weighs about 16lbs when fueled) to be used for longer periods. Even with the shoulder strap, it tends to be heavy.
  • You can run out of propane tanks anytime. You may need to travel some extra miles just to get another propane tank.
  • Propane tanks are comparably difficult to recycle.

Description of the Trimmer:

  • The propane-powered trimmer comes with a cutting swath of 17-inch.
  • The type line feed of this trimmer is bump feed.
  • Despite all the conjecture about being “recyclable,” it would be noteworthy to mention that the propane tanks have a “green key” signal on them which depicts they are recyclable.

The General Review – Lehr Eco-Friendly Weedeater

The Lehr Eco-Friendly Weedeater acts as a moderate substitute for gas. Just like the gas weedeaters, this trimmer contains impeccable power and portability while tending to benefit the atmosphere by being eco-friendly. Its suitable price is a plus-plus. In addition, with this trimmer, “the ethanol problem” won’t hinder your trimming tasks. In case, you encounter any idling problems, take the assistance of a service dealer to make any necessary carburetor adjustments.

Know that by using propane instead of gas; you are playing a significant role in making this environment a little less toxic since propane is a perfect fuel, since it is less likely to bother our environment. It is perfectly secure, a lot less expensive than gas trimmers and less demanding to make use of.

This trimmer is intended to cause you least problems while enabling you to perform all the trimming activities beautifully without any gas mixture hassle. So gear up for some hassle-free trimming sessions!


Which Ryobi Weed Eater Attachments Can You Use

Ryobi is one of the most reputable companies that offer a wide variety of outdoor tools and other accessories. One of these tools include the Ryobi weed eater attachments which are used with the Ryobi weed eaters as well as other trimmers. The buyers will be welcome to wide variety of attachments from which they can select the ones that are suitable for their needs. Some of these include:

Pruner weed eater attachment

This is the attachment that transforms the grass trimmer into a pruner. It can be used for limbing and pruning. It comes with a bar measuring 10” that can cut through 6” diameters. The saw also comes with automatic chain oiling.  The best thing about this is that it can fit any type of brand and it is easy to use, thanks to the presence of extension shaft that allows for easy reach.   It is also durable because it is created with heavy duty steel gears.

Blower weed eater attachment

While carrying out the trimming of the weeds, users will need to get rid of the debris that is around their area they are working on. To achieve this, they need to use thus attachment. It effective in getting rid of all the debris and just like other Ryobi weed eater attachments, it comes with a universal fit. It can also be used in keeping the decks and the driveways free from debris and leaves.

Straight shaft weed eater attachment

This type of Ryobi weed eater attachments is designed with the capability of reaching out to hard-to-reach areas such as the decks and fences. It comes with a split boom design which is easy to handle and provides the users with a comfortable grip. It features an 18” cutting swath to help make the users work faster and more efficient and a deflector to keep debris away from the users.

Curved shaft weed eater attachment

When carrying out their activities, users who require a more flexible and convenient operations should select this type of attachment. The curved shaft is not only very light but will offer the users easier handling. It comes with a grass deflector which provides the users protection from debris. The best thing about this product is that the users do not need any type of tools or adapters as they are designed to be easily connected to the attachment capable trimmers.

Ryobi weed eater cultivator attachment

This type of Ryobi weed eater attachments will transform the trimmer into a tilling tool to make their gardening more interesting.

All these Ryobi weed eater attachments, the users will be provided with comprehensive user manuals in different languages. In these user manuals, they will encounter the tips on how to use these attachments as well as the safety information to protect them and their devices when using them. They will also be provided with the maintenance guide that will ensure these tools are durable and completely functional. With these tools, the users will be able to not only save time and money but also space.


The Advantages of an Electric Riding Mower

Advancements in technology have always aimed to make life easier for people, and an electric riding mower is a perfect example. Push mowers are gasoline-operated and these aren’t really healthy for you and your environment. If you are looking for better and easier ways to mow your lawn, you have come to the right place.

Electric riding lawn mowers could be rechargeable but it could also require the use of an extension cord. Most people would opt for the rechargeable ones especially if they have real small lawns and a recharge wouldn’t be necessary for a single lawn mowing session.

The advantages of these rechargeable lawn mowers are many, and most of them roots from the fact that it is really environmentally friendly. You would have to use electricity, yes, but you wouldn’t need to keep the electricity running. The blades might need replacement after a year or so, but this is perfectly normal and usual for all lawn mowers.

An electric riding mower that uses cords could also be advantageous, as you wouldn’t need to purchase and replace a battery for these ones. The only downside to this is that you should be extremely careful not to run over the cord with the lawn mower as this could be a cause of accidents and fire. Taking care of the cord is also very important, as you would have to use only a cord that is designed to be used on the specific model of your lawn mower.

An electric riding mower is also especially helpful since you wouldn’t have to break your back trying to mow the lawn. Riding a lawn mower could be very easy and very enjoyable. The prices of gasoline products are rising considerably and electric mowers, though quite expensive, could save you more money in the long run.